Where is Your Attention?

Hanuman-ji and SitaHow often do you shed tears for the beauty that you are blessed to witness? This is a serious question. It seems that I’ve come to measure my life in the accumulation of these crystalline, breathtaking, transcendent moments. Thankfully, gratefully, I am moved in this way more-and-more often these days. That these moments span human emotion and experience goes without saying. The exquisite pain of great grief is astonishingly beautiful. As is the heart wrenching song of one whom yearns ever so deeply for connection or reunion with their Beloved. As are the displays of Great Devotion by earnest seekers on The Path, by the Faithful. In my life, there has been a conscious (and unconscious) ‘stripping-away’ of the veils that come between me and “The Good, the True, and the Beautiful.” I have tried – and continue to try – to become an estimable human being, an impeccable man, a freed soul, a Devoted Servant. For my consistent labors, in spite of my tremendous flaws, I am rewarded. For my heartfelt efforts, I am better able to catch these elusive glimpses, better able to ‘see.’ My tears are both blessings and offerings. They are both my most reverent prayers and the Great Prayers that are prayed-through me. I am trying, ever so humbly, to become a “hollow bone.”

How often do you shed tears for the beauty that you are blessed to witness?

But how do we – those of us that were raised on a steady diet of trauma, narcissism, and our own caretaking – not fall victim to indulging in our pain, indulging in our stories? Hmmmmm…. We are all cautioned, warned - by all the Great Masters - of getting caught-up in the "fear of future suffering". But I am afraid. I am increasingly aware that my life is temporary, that this life is but transitory. That my circumstances are various stories that I either grasp so very tightly or I do not. But those that I do grasp are so very, very hard to release. It is supremely difficult to contemplate these eventualities. As I get older and a little more ‘aware’ – the ‘Great Lessons’ are seemingly stacking up. They can no longer be avoided. I can no longer ‘efficiently’ deny them. Is this happening in your own life?

I pray for Great Strength: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual. Great Strength to bear the ‘magnificent burdens’ of my life. Great Strength to bear them ALL with Great LOVE, joy, humility, honor and compassion. Great Strength to, when it is time, to gracefully and graciously put them down.

“I don’t know anything.” This is how I learn. The only way. This facilitates the ‘stripping-away.’ In walking a Sacred Path and facing the Master Plant Teachers, the Great Lessons, and Great Mystery - complete, humble respect and surrender are absolutely required. This surrendering to the “I don’t know” and “Please help me” is a monumental task. It requires great courage and humility. And I am arrogant in my “I know a little something….” And I am brought face-to-face with this ridiculous arrogance – the curious and devious places within me where it hides. And then the awareness comes that these hiding places are simply beautiful, bejeweled doorways that are fiercely (and misguidedly) guarded. That deeper wounds are in fact masked and obscured. And a great opportunity arises for the loving, compassionate placement of attention. I become aware of the keys to these doorways that have always been in my hands – had I only bothered to look. Thankfully, our Great Teachers are those that show us these, our very own set of keys.

I recently had the Great Honor to sit at the Altar of a couple of my Great Teachers along with a group of my ‘Great Brothers and Sisters on The Path.’ It is the ‘Highest Work’ that I do. The most important ‘Work’ of my life. We hang-out together, as fellow souls, in the face of Great Mystery. The magnificent beauty of such a gathering brings me to tears. To be a witness to the individual and collective processes is the Greatest Honor of my life. While I attempt to capture in these words just the slightest piece of such a thing, I am humbled by the knowing that it escapes words altogether. The Great Love cannot be measured. It is overflowing and infinite.

Take great comfort in the knowing that many people are ‘doing The Work’ – that many people gather, praying together around the Sacred Fire, to share of themselves, the Great Beauty of themselves, in the face of Great Mystery. And in this way, the Whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.

If I am certain of One Thing, if I have come to know anything, it is this – A Great Servant you are, a Great Servant you shall forever be. IT is indeed 'The Highest Art.'

My Eternal Prayer:
I pray to my Great Lords Rama (the Immortal Lover), Sita (the Immortal Beloved), & Hanuman-ji (the Immortal Great Servant).

Great Servant of R-A-M, Great Servant of S-I-T-A
Jai-Hanuman-ji, Jai-Hanuman-ji, Jai-Hanuman-ji

Forever and ever, Jai-Hanuman-ji

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