Prayers from The Bowl of Fire | We Are All the Indigenous Now (Episode 4)

"The phrase "God never gives you more than you can handle" never appears in the Bible and actually the opposite is said many times." "My teacher's girlfriend, a Sioux medicine woman, once said to him during a battle that it wasn't required that a medicine person survive a battle only that the innocent do not go undefended. Warriors speak differently than the rest of us."

~ Eric Schmall (Kahuna Lamaku)

I wrote this as a LinkedIN article (FYI: I'm now deplatformed / censored) originally published on November 15, 2020:

We Are All The Indigenous Now

First, let me apologize for and clarify the title of this article. I am in NO WAY, comparing our current plight as a society to that of ANY Native Peoples in such a way that minimizes the immense, historical suffering they have endured - and continue to endure - at the hands of colonialists & imperialists. Their incredible examples of courage and resilience in the face of genocide, ecocide, and cultural erasure is one that we can all look-to for inspiration in these incredibly troubled times. Sitting Bull (Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake), Geronimo (Goyaałé), Chief Joseph (Hinmatóowyalahtq̓it), and many other Native American leaders and Indigenous leaders from around the world - both historical and current - Serve (big "S") as stark and shining examples of Noble Resistance in the face of encroaching, impending apocalypse. I am forever grateful to my many Native American and Indigenous Teachers and the Sacred Ways they have shared with me. It has been my Greatest Honor to call myself their humble student and Servant.

It does not take great imagination to look at the current state of affairs in the world and see the terrifying tsunami that is approaching.

How did we get here? Where did things go so incredibly wrong? While one may be able to look to the truly revolutionary force of capitalism (i.e. unfettered, vampire capitalism and the ascension of shareholder (& stakeholder) capitalism and profit at any and all costs), this would still require looking at the leaders of the world (corporate, NGO, government, etc.) and the bureaucracies they helm as the next logical step. We have to look at people.

As the world has evolved and the markets have arguably reached their zenith, what comes next? How do the Titans of Industry, the Global Elite, the Billionaire Technocrats, etc. - how do they continue their accumulation of wealth and power? How do they do this in a world where the markets have become so completely divorced from the reality of actual economies? How do they do this when the global finance and banking system has made themselves the lender and buyer of last resort because they can simply print (create) money out of thin air? When all assets (distressed or otherwise) are owned by the central banks, it requires a "Great Reset" of the basic rules of the game. As the C0V1D-18+1 scam+demic has completely destroyed the poor and middle classes on a global scale, this then allows for a great vacuuming-up of distressed assets at bargain-basement prices for those who still have capital. It also helps usher-in a new form of capital. Remember "data is the new oil?" - well, human-generated data has beget Human Biocapital Markets whereby we in the lower classes are considered more valuable as nodes on a network, the 5G IoT / IoE / IoB(odies), and are allowed a subsistence living either via the neo-slavery gig economy, or an eventual Universal Basic Income (UBI). Soon you will only be able to spend your meager income with the surviving behemoths ("state approved") that allow for your very (toxic) existence. Of course, this all comes with various "catches."

It is told that many of the tribes in North America knew of the approaching tsunami of the White Man from Europe. And rather than flee and abandon their lands, their homes, their ways of life - many chose to meet the onslaught regardless of the consequences. And while Native American history has tragic (and powerful, beautifully inspiring) examples such as The Ghost Dance movement - that illustrate a sort of desperate resistance in the midst of technical (and numbers) superiority of the colonialists - it also exemplifies a proud Peoples' resolute faith in a return to a better, more just world.

I cannot help but draw terrifying parallels with the lives and examples of the Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples around the world. We are ALL now witnessing a terrible onslaught in terms of technology and the sheer numbers of conquering, intersectional imperialists and their incredibly propagandized evangelists. Is this our (the modern White Man's) apocalypse? If it is, then perhaps we will finally listen to the Indigenous Peoples and become inspired by their courageous resistance. Because if we don't, we will most certainly be subjugated and perish in our own geo-fenced "reservations."

From the Youtube Video Description:

Another difficult "Satsang" (talk) but vitally important. We are under assault from all sides. Our enemies are vast in number, powerful, and cunning.They seem almost impossible to resist - that they cannot be defeated - that our World has all but fallen. But I say this to you - what is it that you "Hold" as irrefutable, ineffable, and undeniable? I say it is your Sovereignty - your "I AM-ness" and your Divine Configuration and Mission. Why do you think you are here - in this time and in this place? Stand in your Power - your Birthright. Stand and be counted among our Great Ancestors who stood and fought for all they believed in, all they LOVED and cherished - you included. You are here because of the Great Line that placed you here. Remember that.

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