Prayers From The Bowl of Fire (Episode 1)

The Great Altar of Hanuman at the High Place

This video was taken on New Year's Day, 2021 up at "The High Place" - a very powerful and Sacred place for me and where I spread some of Lefty's ashes back in 2018. Rather than explain in written words the meaning of this Place to me - the Majesty of it - the Great Mystery of it - I will allow the videos to speak for themselves if you have the patience and the ears (and Heart) to hear. There are 10 videos in this "series" - although it was never my intention to create more than one. The rest just naturally followed - flowed if you will - between January 2021 and March 2021. I was compelled to video my repeated visits to this Place - this High Temple of Hanuman - for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. No matter. Some things can't be fully understood I guess. I will be sharing the rest in the "series" as blog posts over the next few weeks. I Pray that my words (and Prayers) land well.

From the Youtube description:

Went up to Lefty's "High Resting Place" in the Bowl of Fire. Abdi Assadi said to me - more than once - "Never underestimate the Power of Intention in Places of Power," and the Bowl of Fire and the High Desert Temples are very Powerful indeed. I have been coming out here to Pray - to do Ceremony - for many years and consider this my "Home Place" - the place where I feel most connected to Spirit - the Place where I feel my humble, stumbling Prayers best "land" as the veil between this World and the Spirit World is very thin. Solitude in the High Desert has always been my "Home" in this way. I humbly offer these Prayers in this potent time - in this potent place - as best I can. And I am only called to do this in this time, in this place, for All My Relatives. May Peace Be Upon You.

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