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Writing is a funny thing for me. I go through long dry spells and at other times, words flow like a torrent. Certain ideas literally grab me – and don’t let go – and demand to be expressed. This is such a story.

I related (here) that I met Hanuman in Form on February 22, 2014 - and while this was certainly a (THE?) watershed moment in my life – I feel that the idea of it – the possibility of it – the concept of it had been growing in me for some time. It’s as if the seed was always there and I simply began to appropriately tend to it – to correctly nurture it – for the last two decades or so. In earnest. It was this diligent work (my self-healing approach to trauma, depression, and profound grief) on the arduous Path of Life that allowed for this experience to unfold how and when it did. I guess I’m saying that the specific date and circumstances are not particularly important – it was the openness and receptivity to the experience – developed over years – that is important. A thoughtfully and consistently developed state of receptive awareness and discernment. And the ability to focus attention and intention – the latter being the most important to me personally.

Here is the rub: on the ultimate level of the non-dual, of Universal Consciousness, of G-O-D / R-A-M, of The Divine, – this idea – this concept – this experience is delusion. It’s Maya. Regardless of whether or not this experience is believed by anyone else – it always comes-down to the ‘reality’ you experience or co-create in the context of Maya. It’s ALL illusion – some sort of Divine Holographic Projection! And if you subscribe to your experience(s) as ‘real’ – at the ultimate level, you are being delusional. It’s that simple. There is no two. All is One. And that’s an important concept to understand, but it’s still a concept to us most of the time. Life does go on. And that’s fine too!

However, the absolutely amazing, astonishing ‘flip-side’ (paradox?) of your particular delusion exists in this reality – in this duality. What you CHOOSE to believe is what you choose to co-create – what you choose to ‘anchor’ in your being, in this your world, in this your realm – and the Greater Realms. And this delusion / intention is vitally important – it’s how things like The Transcendentals, The Great Virtues, The Yamas / Niyamas, The Dharma, The Noble Truths, The Red Road, The Word of G-O-D, The Tao, etc. are anchored and spread in this world, in this realm. When there is talk of a tipping-point in terms of Consciousness Expansion – this is what I believe and am talking about: Serving “The Good, The True, and The Beautiful.” And using this Service as my stepping-stone, and my intercessor / intermediary to the “Highest Art” – to a ‘direct’ connection with G-O-D / R-A-M.

I don’t know how or why this happened to me, or why I think and feel (or write!) this way. I suppose Karma if you believe in that sort of thing. At some point, the ultimate ideals of humanity – of being a human being – became of paramount importance – as ideals to ‘hold’ – even if the actual understanding, put into practice, or living them out proved difficult or impossible – I could still ‘hold’ them as concepts that have particular, energetic qualities. It was (is) vitally important to have the experience of these things – to feel them in my mind/body/heart. There have been many, many times – particularly in Ceremony – when the experience of these things came-through in undeniable ways - and a download or communication was performed whereby the importance of these things surpassed all other concepts or experiences for me. An emphatic, Divine Lesson / Blessing – a Sacred Covenant and Initiation. A meeting with my Highest Self. Whatever IT is – IT cannot be denied. IT’S some sort of ‘Divine Code Injection’ into this realm – through me, of me, into the collective. This does NOT mean I (the ego) am special – I believe we each are acting in this capacity in our own ways. Some more than others though. It’s some sort of an attunement I believe. I feel. We are all instruments – and we can choose how to be utilized – or more importantly, to learn how to be humbly prepared to be utilized. It’s like the “Hollow Bone” thing of the Lakota / Nakota / Dakota Medicine People.

I chose Hanuman. I chose (who chose who?) an avatar of G-O-D / R-A-M that represents what I believe is the absolute, ideal best in human beings – perhaps ALL Beings, in ALL the Realms. A spectacular, resplendent Object of Devotion that embodies all the Great Virtues. One who embodies the “Highest Good, the Highest True, and the Highest Beautiful.” And my affinity for Him is the same as having an affinity for the Highest Ideals of Service and Devotion. As He represents this, embodies this – in the loftiest sense – to millions around the world (mainly Hindus). There is a story that says R-A-M / G-O-D Himself said that “surely Hanuman is even greater than I, so great is His Devotion.” That strikes me in some very profound ways…a Teaching within a Teaching…

I had (and still have) several Great Teachers – over the course of the last 20 or so years – whom are all Hanuman Devotees. This coincidence (synchronicity) isn’t lost on me either. It’s as if these Great Teachers were each trying to tell me, show me, Teach me something (consciously or not) – even if I was not particularly ready or aware.

Then there was Lefty.

It was as if there was a great alignment or coalescence of life circumstances, Teachings, and Experiences that allowed for what I can only describe as a pure, clean, powerful transmission from a “Higher Power” – in my mind/heart/body – The Highest Power in my experience. What could not be denied as a / the Transcendental Experience of the DIVINE. Be warned though. Our judgements (good / bad, yes / no, brutal / sublime, good / evil, etc.) are irrelevant. The Transcendental Experience of the DIVINE is a broad spectrum of experience. Shadow work is brutal. Of course IT is! We must confront BOTH the ‘Light and the Dark’ – because we must develop the Great Strength and Discernment to ‘hold’ the duality / totality of IT – and make the choice (who makes the choice?) to always (only) download and ‘hold’ “The Good, The True, and The Beautiful.” Yes, the incredible experiences of bliss or rapture are there, but don’t forget that the Transcendental Experience of the DIVINE is going to teach you – give you experiences according to His/Her Plan – not yours. Oftentimes this means you’ve got to have some pretty brutal experiences – I like to call them ‘housekeeping’ – and oftentimes a choice must be made to ‘hold’ certain experiences (energies and lessons) and characteristics over others. Some are ‘clean’ and some not so much – and everything in between. With Great Power comes Great Sacrifice. I would add that with Great Intention and Skill comes Great Awareness and Discernment. Ultimately you have to face your authentic self (and Self) – which is not an easy thing to do in my experience. No fear. Memento Mori. Always Pray for Great Strength. It should be your constant mantra.

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”

Lee Jun-Fan, aka: Bruce Lee

Lefty represents to me, a sort-of culmination or graduation of sorts into an authentic Spiritual Path. What makes it authentic? It’s mine. It is an amalgamation of all my Teachers and Experiences – of my life as a human being in this Realm to date - which makes it absolutely unique. Additionally, there was transmitted – through Him – a “High Teaching” – I would say the “Highest Teaching” I have ever experienced – ever ‘held’ – it absolutely boggles my mind and heart – even to this day the tears well-up. The experience is indescribable. In Him, in Lefty, I beheld the most spectacular, the most exquisite, the most noble, the most majestic “Highest Good, Highest True, Highest Beautiful.” I beheld Hanuman. Through Him, I beheld the Glory of R-A-M / G-O-D.

You can choose the way you frame your life. You can choose the story (or stories) you prefer to believe – to live. Your individual, unique perspective on / with your life – naturally provides the stories most applicable to you for your ‘education,’ your evolution. From them you can choose. Please choose wisely. Please choose as your Ancestors would have you choose. Choose the stories of your life that Serve the ideals you most want to manifest. In Yourself (and Self) and in the World – and in all the Realms.

Me? I choose Hanuman.

Jai Hanuman-ji


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