Prayers from The Bowl of Fire (Episode 2)

Praise Be To Hanuman | Prayers at the Outer (Lower) Temple

Continuing the video "series" from out at The Bowl of Fire. This one (2nd of 10 videos in the "series") was from just before the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2021 - when the collective anxiety was running very high. Not that it isn't STILL running very high! I felt called (again) to go out to the Bowl and to hike up to the "High Place" - the High Temple and Altar of Hanuman and the High Temple and Altar of Healing and Freedom - to again Pray as best I could for All My Relatives.

From the Youtube description:

Felt called to go to the "High Place" and put down some Tobacco and put up some Prayers. So much information and craziness flying around - it's good to get out into the wilderness - good to get out away from EMF radiation - and re-connect with Mother Nature and Spirit. Wanted to talk about Shadow Work and how it is impossible for us to see our own blind spots. And if you have Healers or Teachers who do not openly admit that they have them - and that they are diligently working to illuminate them (e.g. transpersonal psychotherapy, mentorships / their own Senior Teachers, reciprocal / transparent dialogue with students, a disciplined Sadhana, etc.) - then be warned. Mentioned Lori Ladd and here's the link to her talk that resonated and to which I wanted to "add" the (our) access to the "Immortal Divine Frequency" that effectively bypasses (or counteracts) the Demiurge / Archonic frequencies:

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