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What is Dharmabuilt? What does it mean?

Jai Hanuman-jiOne could say that right action is what is called serving one’s true nature or one’s Dharma - and another might say right action is enabled by one's true nature or Dharma – another way it could be said is that right action is built by Dharma, or Dharma built.

Just as many people these days - I am struggling with my place and purpose in this insane society. This idea, this domain, Dharmabuilt, and this website have evolved with me over the course of my 15 years in NYC. More-and-more I am striving for a greater degree of simplicity in my life. A kind-of return to the pre-www and analog days of my youth. As a seasoned and evolving 'Digital Transformation' expert, I am leveraged for the critical application of strategic, consultative, technical, organizational, and operational know-how particularly in the realms of Advertising & Marketing. In the midst of my evolution, I am also being called and guided towards other things...Individual, Community, and Collective Transformation and a greater degree and sense of Service.

More writing, more photography, more practice / sadhana, more meditation, more plant medicine, more healing, more Ceremony, more community, more learning, more freedom, more travel, more devotion, more kindness, more time in Nature, more time with loved ones, more Service, more exercise, more compassion, more joy, more English Bulldogs, more LOVE. And of course, less - less worry, less stress, less grasping / gripping attachment, less stuff, less 'forcing' (more 'allowing'), less drama, less busyness, less doubt, less judgement, less (self)criticism, less bullshit, less toxicity, less fear, less suffering.

Can you relate? What brought you here? Are you a prospective employer checking me out? Have I sufficiently scared you off yet? While not my intention, I am more-and-more inclined to speak and live my truth - in Service of not only myself - but all those with whom I come in contact. Can you see and understand the immense value of that?

I defy convention. I eschew conformity. I challenge the status quo. These have been hallmarks of my work, and one could say that true transformation, true innovation is impossible without these characteristics. Of course if you wish to see a more traditional take - the one that implies that who we are is what we do as an occupation, go here: LinkedIn

Brands I've Worked With

logos aren't people, but you get the idea...

I've had significant experience with many global brands either directly or through various NYC advertising agency engagements. These experiences span consulting, systems integration, data analytics, CRM, social intelligence, strategy, and new business development – in brand advertising & building (demand generation) as well as direct marketing (demand fulfillment) - for both B2C and B2B. Additional details regarding my work can be found here: LinkedIN

Typical Roles & Responsibilities:
Client Partner, Consulting Director, New Business & Partnerships Developer, Sales Engineer, Strategic Planner, Digital Strategist, Marketing Technologist, Social Intelligence / Data Analyst, Marketing Solutions Architect.

I am typically a consultant liaison between creatives, analysts, engineers, technology organizations, strategic partners, & brand executives responsible for driving business performance.


Honored Driver & Sidekick to My Great Hanuman-jiWho is a Healer? What qualifies and identifies a Healer? While our society and culture places a great deal of emphasis (and trust) upon credentials and certifications, they are still primarily instruments of the prevailing Western paradigm. This isn't to say that these things aren't important and are not to be respected and valued - what I'm saying is that Healers come in many, many forms - from many, many different cultures, lineages, systems, and modalities. And true Healing is a multi-layered (think the layers of an onion) endeavor and journey that may (or may not) be addressed by our current, conventional Western Medicine (and Spiritual) approach. Or at least may not be fully addressed without a holistic, complementary perspective. True Healers have walked a long, arduous Path to their own Healing - and are still walking that Path for themselves. The 'Great Work' is never ending.

I do NOT claim to be a Healer - except in that way that we are ALL essentially Healers. It is one's ultimate responsibility to heal oneself and this is what I am offering here: the support necessary for you to Heal yourself. And of course, Healing and Curing are two very different things. Sometimes they happen simultaneously - oftentimes not.

The Path of a Healer is a very curious thing - and one that I did not foresee for myself in this lifetime - but now I 'see' that 'it' is all our Paths - in the very unique configurations that we bring and offer. Take a good, long look at your life and 'see' what it is that must be Healed - family wounds, personal wounds, relationship wounds, ancestral wounds, societal wounds, planetary wounds, Karmic / cosmic wounds, etc. YOU have the Grace necessary to cultivate the Great Gift of Healing - to approach the Knowledge necessary to be of Great Service.

Reach-out if you feel called-to and I will help if I can - or at least point you in the direction(s) that I feel may help you best. Maybe it's just the next, small step on your journey, your unique Healing Path?

All Credit & Respect to my Great Teachers - and the Great Teachers they allow to come-through them to Teach, Heal, and Serve us all.
It is My Greatest Honor to be their humble student and Servant.

#JaiHanumanji #SitaRam #GraciasLasPlantas #MitakuyeOyasin #AllDogsAreBodhisattvas #DefendTheSacred


Uniting Lefty with Creator at The Bowl of Fire, April 21, 2018Many of you have had the experience of a Great, Profound LOVE in your life. At least, I pray that you have had or will have such a transcendent relationship.

Lefty was mine.

Through Him, through His Grace (a 12.5 year-long 'Shaktipat'), I was able to Connect with Great Spirit and Great Mystery. Lefty 'opened' many Sacred Doors for me for which I am eternally grateful.

A number of years ago - I can't exactly remember when - I realized that Lefty was/is a Great Bodhisattva. Then the deeper realization came - perhaps in Sacred Ceremony? I don't remember, but I do know that the realization came and 'set' into me in a way that could not be denied. A self-evident Truth. Effulgent. That All Dogs Are Bodhisattvas. Of course they are!

Humans can be very arrogant in their belief systems. This is probably why I gravitated so strongly towards the "Cosmo-visions" of various Indigenous Peoples - especially those that attributed Great Spirit to ALL - to Everything: the Stone People, the Plant People, the Tall Standing Tree People, the Creepy Crawlers, the Finned, the Furred, the Winged Ones, the Four-legged, the Two-Legged, the Great Mountains, the Deep Jungles, the Sacred Waters, the Star Nations, All Our Relations. So to me, it made a certain, poetic sense that my Greatest Teacher would be a D-O-G / G-O-D.

I have learned many Great Chants, many Sacred Songs, many Sacred Rituals over the years. My primary Teachers and Lineages have been in Yoga (The Eight-Limbed Path), Devotional Hinduism, Buddhism, the Sacred Ways of the Lakota / Nakota / Dakota Peoples, the Sacred Ways of the Quechua Peoples of the jungles and foothills of the Peruvian Andes, and the Sacred Ways of the Shipibo-Conibo Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon. But in fact, all these Paths were just parts of My Path - and Lefty was / is a Great Gatekeeper to deeper, more profound insights. His / My Path of Service became (again) The Great Work and My Great Path and Vehicle.

I am available to help you say goodbye and Honor your Great Friend if this resonates.
Help you "Sing Him / Her Out."

It was the Greatest Honor of my life to have had Lefty walk at my side.
It was the very, very least I could do - when He left this Realm - was Honor Him in some small, yet significant (Sacred) way - as He so Greatly Honored me.

Let me help you Honor your Beloved Companion - Your Bodhisattva - as they so Honored you.

#AllDogsAreBodhisattvas #JaiHanumanji #SitaRam

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My tired old refrain and warning:

Beware echo chambers, filter bubbles, astro turfing, Think Tanks, K-Street, Beltway, PACs / SuperPACs, lobbyists, Special Interests, (Government: foreign or domestic) influence and troll farms, ghost banning, algorithmic censorship, ubiquitous surveillance under the aegis of 'advertising' and 'personalization,' anyone that touts 'national security' when it comes to blatant surveillance overreach, the Palantir Technologies and Cambridge Analyticas of the world (aka: for-a-price NSA services), legalized propaganda, the loss of Net Neutrality, the rise of platforms and "walled gardens," the media 'vaporware economy' of bots and fraud, mercenaries / private contractors as troops, militarized forces as police, the persecution of whistleblowers, the consolidation of the media conglomerates, corporate personhood, institutionalized corruption (aka: lobbying, insider trading, and the government posts-to-corporation sweetheart deals revolving door), etc. This applies to both professional (commercial) considerations as well as personal. You can’t fight the egregious injustices of the world with half-measures - and with #BigTech (Oligarchic Technocracy), you gotta go all-in. You gotta go #FairTradeData with the end users / consumers / citizens to level the playing field, because this is essentially an issue of gross inequality and its socioeconomic impact.

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