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strategic lenses The 4 Strategic Lenses

  • Audience intelligence - for the unified (1st, 2nd, & 3rd party data) customer view
  • Brand engagement intelligence - for MarComm performance efficacy
  • Sales & profit intelligence - for strategic attribution and ROI
  • Thematic intelligence - for MarComm & business innovation

After more than a decade in some of the top New York advertising agencies, I observed that data-driven, analyst-informed strategies requires an acumen and infrastructure that is more appropriate to technology start-ups than the “Big 4” holding company MarComm agencies or the “Big 5” management consulting firms. It was no longer just a game of creative chops; it was also a data game where the currency was business-innovating intelligence and insights.

But data wasn’t the real game-changer; it’s become almost meaningless in the “Big Data” world. The game changer was to interpret the data, correlate the data, mashup the data, visualize the data, make strategic use of the data, collect & store the data, segment the data, leverage & exploit the data, use the data to power strategies and tactics, use the data to drive engagement, use the data to drive sales & profit.

This was not the acumen of advertising agencies or even the process-focused management consultants, and in the “Big Data” and “Social Data” world, it’s not the acumen of most brands either. Business intelligence, information technology, and digital analytics organizations have been slow to evolve as the “Data Tsunami” approached. The big brands and the big agencies were caught in the same trap; they couldn’t pivot as fast as a nimble technology start-up – and the types of data (1st, 2nd, and 3rd party) and the numerous strategic lenses that can be applied to it, confounds enterprise integration efforts.

Dharmabuilt solves this conundrum by remaining uncharacteristically fluid. I like to think of Dharmabuilt as a “pirate ship” as opposed to a “mother ship.” Dharmabuilt's consortium of strategic partners is assembled on an as-needed and project-by-project basis – and I assemble some of the leading experts in Big Data and Social Intelligence available today. I leverage CEO-level access with all my strategic partners – not layers of administrative bureaucracy. And I pass the service quality (and savings) onto my clients.

No fluff, all muscle.

I'm not out to replace your agency; I'm a services & solutions provider that provides powerful “test-and-learn” and breakthrough “proofs of concept” for advertising, marketing, and business innovation. I help your agencies do better work – and help your organization drive more profit.

Brands I've Worked With

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Dharmabuilt has experience with many top brands either directly or through various agency engagements. These experiences span technical implementations, research & analysis, and strategic planning – in brand advertising & building / demand generation as well as demand fulfillment / direct marketing – B2C and B2B.


The Consortium Partners

you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with

Dharmabuilt partners with some of the top Social and Big Data technology start-ups and benefits from CEO-level access for business development, services, and support. The 'as-needed' consortium model is one whereby ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and we also provide discreet products & services in research & analysis, strategy, engagement, targeting, and attribution. Our lean and agile model allows for groundbreaking products & services to drive business performance in an end-to-end, test-and-scale methodology. We also partner with independent, expert consultants such as Andrew Ettinger in order to offer full-spectrum solutions to our clients.

Consider Dharmabuilt a specialized Social & Big Data research and Innovation advisory entity that supercharges your existing business intelligence, market research, digital analytics, and strategic planning capabilities – whether agency-side, or in-house.


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