The Curious Path of a Healer

What signifies a healer?

Honored Driver & Sidekick to My Great Hanuman-jiWho is a Healer? What qualifies and identifies a Healer? While our society and culture places a great deal of emphasis (and trust) upon credentials and certifications, they are still primarily instruments of the prevailing Western paradigm. This isn't to say that these things aren't important and are not to be respected and valued - what I'm saying is that Healers come in many, many forms - from many, many different cultures, lineages, systems, and modalities. And true Healing is a multi-layered (think the layers of an onion) endeavor and journey that may (or may not) be addressed by our current, conventional Western, Allopathic Medicine (and Western Spiritual) approach. Or at least may not be fully addressed without a holistic, complementary perspective. True Healers have walked a long, arduous Path to their own Healing - and are still walking that Path for themselves. The 'Great Work' is never ending - nor should It be.

I do NOT claim to be a Healer - except in that way that we are ALL essentially Healers. It is one's ultimate responsibility to heal oneself and this is what I am offering here: the support necessary for you to Heal yourself. And of course, Healing and Curing are two very different things. Sometimes they happen simultaneously - oftentimes not.

The Path of a Healer is a very curious thing - and one that I did not foresee for myself in this lifetime - but now I 'see' that 'it' is all our Paths - in the very unique configurations that we bring and offer. Take a good, long look at your life and 'see' what it is that must be Healed - personal wounds, family wounds, relationship wounds, ancestral wounds, societal wounds, planetary wounds, Karmic / cosmic wounds, etc. YOU have the Grace necessary to cultivate the Great Gift of Healing - to approach the Knowledge necessary to be of Great Service.

Reach-out if you feel called-to and I will help if I can - or at least point you in the direction(s) that I feel may help you best. Maybe it's just the next, small step on your journey, your unique Healing Path?

All Credit & Respect to my Great Teachers - and the Great Teachers they allow to come-through them to Teach, Heal, and Serve us all. It is My Greatest Honor to be their humble student and Servant.

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