A Lifestyle...

Satguru Dharamananda Swaroopa Hanuman Das of the Dharmikam Ashram, Kerala, India

We live in an extremely toxic world. Unfortunately, this is undeniable. Our food, water, soil, atmosphere, societies, cultures, media, governments, etc. are all, to one degree or another, corrupted or toxified. We are constantly bombarded by harmful substances and energies (e.g. EMF, RF, radiation, psychic attacks, etc.) that have detrimental impacts on our physical bodies, minds, emotions, energies, Souls, and Spirits. How does one deal with these incredible, ubiquitous, pervasive, and pernicious assaults?

My Spiritual and self-healing journey over the last few decades was - in hindsight - an evolving practice (Sadhana) in "cleaning and clearing" of the various bodily systems or aspects that I mentioned above. The "cleaner" I became - the "further" I could (can) go - with the added benefits of Great Strength (Vitality), Discernment (Sensitivities / Perceptions), and Clarity. In short, my Practice was (is) actually a Detox Practice - a Detox Lifestyle. It remains this and continues to evolve.

Detoxing is an arduous process and it requires you to become comfortable with discomfort. It is also an extended (lifelong) process and should be considered at the very least, a "Marathon" as opposed to a "sprint." There are times when a detox practice must involve a focused, deep, and intensive process, but the appropriate period of rest and recuperation must balance-out the difficult work - allowing the body+mind+Spirit to come back into homeostasis. And sometimes chronic conditions require multiple approaches, multiple sessions, multiple, ever-deepening treatments - and multiple Healers. Again, this becomes a necessary lifestyle.

The Herxheimer Response or Reaction is when - during a detoxification / healing process - you feel worse before you begin to feel better. It is common. When the body is in the process of detoxing or healing - toxins or their poisonous components are released to be expelled by the various elimination systems of the body. Oftentimes, the body requires additional detoxification or elimination support to help manage and ease this natural process.

The support I offer is primarily in the realm of detoxification. Kambo and Resonant Frequency Therapy (Rife) are powerful modalities that can address all the systems of the body: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual. Additionally, I know of many Detoxification (Healing) practices and many other incredible Healers that can support you in a comprehensive Detoxification (Healing) process and journey.