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What is Dharmabuilt? What does it mean?

Jai Hanuman-jiOne could say that right action is what is called serving one’s true nature or one’s Dharma - and another might say right action is enabled by one's true nature or Dharma – another way it could be said is that right action is built by Dharma, or Dharma built.

I’ve spent the last 20+ years excavating, in earnest, the deepest recesses of Shadow within myself – as a means of healing what might be called depression and suicidal ideation in one sense, but in another, and more accurate sense; an existential crisis of worthiness and meaning. A crisis of purpose, identity, self-esteem, self-forgiveness – and self-love. I sought to reclaim that which I deeply sensed I had somehow lost – the Soul of the innocent, wonder-filled, joyful, curious child I once was - who alone, fearlessly roamed the deep woods, forests, swamps, mountains etc. and felt truly connected with Nature (G-O-D), and truly alive. I sought to reaffirm and reclaim “The Good, The True, The Beautiful” (Plato's Transcendentals) in myself and in my life.

One of my first, in-depth studies was within the science and practice of Yoga which led to Devotional Hinduism (Bhakti and Karma Yoga) and the Eight Limbed Path of Ashtanga Yoga with several, world-renowned Teachers. Later, Amazonian Plant (and Frog!) Medicine beckoned and I dove into the Ancestral Traditions and Cosmo Visions of the Amazonian Peoples such as the Shipibo-Conibo, Quechua Lamista, Matsés, and many others – primarily with the incomparable Onaya, Francois Demange. I also studied the customs and ceremonies – the Red Road – of the Lakota / Nakota / Dakota Peoples of the North American plains – again with Francois, but first with the incredible Medicine Woman, Janice Zwail. During much of this time, the arduous process of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (The Pathwork and Core Energetics) – with the late, great Richard Bachrach – helped me ground and integrate the extremely challenging experiences and lessons. And as always, the love, guidance, and fierce wisdom of my Great Ally, Abdi Assadi cannot be overstated. Finally, my late, Great Friend, Servant, and Ally, Lefty, - my Greatest Teacher - taught me more about being a human being (and a Great Servant) than any other - and he had four legs.

Much Love,

Barry Fleming

Praise Be To Hanuman

The Breath, Great Servant, and Hammer of R-A-M-A and S-I-T-A