About Me

What is Dharmabuilt? What does it mean?

Jai Hanuman-jiOne could say that right action is what is called serving one’s true nature or one’s Dharma - and another might say right action is enabled by one's true nature or Dharma – another way it could be said is that right action is built by Dharma, or Dharma built.

Just as many people these days - I am struggling with my place and purpose in this insane society. This idea, this domain, Dharmabuilt, and this website have evolved with me over the course of my nearly 20 years in NYC. More-and-more I am striving for a greater degree of simplicity in my life. A kind-of return to the pre-www and analog days of my youth. As a seasoned and evolving 'Digital Transformation' expert, I am leveraged for the critical application of strategic, consultative, technical, organizational, and operational know-how particularly in the realms of Advertising & Marketing. In the midst of my evolution, I am also being called and guided towards other things...Individual, Community, and Collective Transformation and a greater degree and sense of Service.

More writing, more photography, more practice / sadhana, more meditation, more plant (and frog!) medicine, more healing, more Ceremony, more community, more learning, more freedom, more travel, more devotion, more kindness, more time in Nature, more time with loved ones, more Service, more exercise, more compassion, more joy, more English Bulldogs, more LOVE. And of course, less - less worry, less stress, less grasping / gripping attachment, less stuff, less 'forcing' (more 'allowing'), less drama, less busyness, less doubt, less judgement, less (self)criticism, less bullshit, less toxicity, less fear, less suffering.

Can you relate? What brought you here? Are you a prospective employer checking me out? Have I sufficiently scared you off yet? While not my intention, I am more-and-more inclined to speak and live my truth - in Service of not only myself - but all those with whom I come in contact. Can you see and understand the immense value of that?

I defy convention. I eschew conformity. I challenge the status quo. These have been hallmarks of my work, and one could say that true transformation, true innovation is impossible without these characteristics. Of course if you wish to see a more traditional take - the one that implies that who we are is what we do as an occupation, go here: LinkedIn