Kambo Treatments

Kambo treatments according to the IAKP.org protocols

International Association of Kambo Practitioners -
I Was Trained by the incomparable Maria Gonzales

It is my Great Honor to offer Kambo Treatments according to the methodologies and protocols developed by Karen Kanya Darke and the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. What impresses me the most regarding the IAKP is our unwavering commitment to client safety and to the respectful, ethical treatment of the Kambo frog and the Amazonian tribes who hold these ancestral medicine traditions.

Kambo is not for everyone. In Peter Gorman's book, "Sapo in My Soul," he describes Sapo (in this case, a particular, Indigenous method of using the frog secretion), in the words of the Matses, as an "ordeal medicine." It involves a relatively short period (approximately 20-40 minutes) of intense nausea, vomiting / purging, possible bottom-purging (defecation / diarrhea), palpitations / rapid heart rate, sweating, and general discomfort. In rare instances, fainting can occur.

There are many contraindications or people who may not safely take Kambo. Most notably are people with serious heart problems, people who have had strokes, people on medication for low blood pressure, people who have had a brain hemorrhage, people with serious mental health problems (e.g. psychotic episodes and schizophrenia), people currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, people recovering from a major surgical procedure, etc. A full listing of contraindications and cautions will be made available as part of my intake protocol and client medical history consultation.

The IAKP protocol requires the drinking of a large amount of water (approximately 2-3 liters in total during a session) in a short period of time just prior to the application of the Kambo secretion and during the session. Due to this methodology, there is a slight danger of hyponatremia, depending upon the water consumption and/or activities (e.g. high intensity physical activities, sweating, vomiting / purging, fasting, etc.) that impact the sodium / electrolyte content of the body. Hyponatremia is a condition wherin the sodium content of the body is dangerously diluted due to excessive fluid or water intake. It can also occur when sodium is lost from the body during prolonged sweating, vomiting, or defecating. As long as the client is not contraindicated and follows the pre-and-post treatment protocols, this danger is minimal.

Additionally, due to the forceful purging / vomiting during a Kambo session, there is an extremely rare chance of esophageal rupture. If you have a significant history of injury to your throat / neck area (direct impact), or a significant history with bulimia, or a significant history of smoking - the risks of an esophageal rupture increase. Also, the most common cause of oesophagus / esophagus ruptures are endoscopies (cameras inserted into the throat for medical procedures). They make up 50% of all ruptures, when diagnosed early there is a 10% mortality rate rising from 40-66% after 24 hours. Boerhaave’s Syndrome is a rare condition that involves the spontaneous rupture of the Oesophagus / Esophagus. Today, Boerhaave’s syndrome accounts for approximately 15% of all cases of esophageal rupture. Although the actual incidence of esophageal perforation worldwide is unclear, some studies estimate an incidence of approximately 3.1 per 1,000,000 per year.  The patient population who suffer from Boerhaave’s syndrome varies, but the risk is highest in middle-aged males.  The condition is highly associated with alcohol ingestion.

Last thing; if you have been injected with one of the liability free, experimental, mRNA or DNA biotechnologies ("vaccines") - you should give plenty of time post your final injection for possible side-effects. As there are no long-term safety data associated with these injections - great care should be taken with any practice or substance that may create or contribute-to an adverse event. I am advising at least 30 days post final injection before I will serve Kambo. You may consider a longer period of time until the appropriate, long-term safety data is available post-trials. Current trials do not end until 2023.


  • Kambo & Rife / Resonant Frequency Therapy are not Medicines
  • IAKP & Rife / Resonant Frequency Therapy Practitioners are not Doctors nor any other Form of Medical Practitioners
  • IAKP & Rife / Resonant Frequency Therapy Practitioners do not Diagnose Disease, Offer Health Advice, Treat Physical or Mental Health Ailments or Prescribe Medication
  • Participants are Advised to do their own Research as to the Potential Benefits of Taking Kambo or Getting Rife / Resonant Frequency Therapy - None are Offered or Implied Here
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