Resonant Frequency Therapy

"When I forget who I am, I Serve You. When I remember who I am, I am You."

Ironically, I sort-of “reverse-engineered” my way into Resonant Frequency Therapy - more commonly known as Rife – by way-of my deep processes and experiences with Amazonian Plant Medicine and other forms of Entheogenic and Ceremonial / Prayer work. The late Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) is known for the technologies and modalities he invented throughout his life – but particularly in the 1930’s with his “Beam Ray” machines. Like Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Rife was at first celebrated only to later be viciously and systematically attacked, smeared, discredited, and ruined by the contemporary medical and scientific establishment. But their geniuses live-on and their legacies have left us with an incredible body of work to re-discover, embrace, and carry forward.

My experiences in Ceremony can best be described as “energetic,” and you realize that the experience of a particular "energy" also involves a certain exchange (reciprocity) or reception ("download") of "information." Everyone experiences the Sacred Medicines differently - whether Kambo, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Huachuma / San Pedro, Cannabis, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Sacred Tobacco, Cedar, Sweetgrass, Sage, all other Master (and minor) Teacher Plants, etc. – all have different qualities, characteristics, Spirits, applications, energies / frequencies…

I learned over the last few decades that “energies” (to me), were the “active principles” at work in not only the context of Sacred Ceremony (Prayer), but also in the more “mundane” worlds. A talented Curandero can “see” the energetic pattern of a patient – and “sing” with a particular, resonant (or not) frequency to clean / clear / repair the patients’ energetic patterns or blueprints. A gifted psychic can access / "tune into" information (or frequencies) in the Quantum or Akashic Field. A Medium can access "information" or energies / frequencies in the "Astral Plane." A Reiki Practitioner / Energy Worker can access and direct energies / frequencies for the benefit of their clients. Energized crystals vibrate at particular frequencies to produce various sounds or signals – the foundation of all electronics (analog or solid state). That our entire world is made-up of matter – which is in and of itself – various energetic expressions – is a forgone conclusion when you talk to anyone the least bit familiar with quantum physics and quantum mechanics. And when we take this understanding even further – we know that even various forms of light are themselves simply extremely high frequency / energy.

So, Rife was an easy – if not logical extension of my “Energetic Information School” or curriculum in energetic identification (discernment) and application or “work.” The felt experience of energies became my primary training ground and I could begin to understand the universal, quantum principles at play. Additionally, and more importantly, I could actually experience the “Nature” of the energies / frequencies and utilize my own bodily experience and intuition to better understand how best to “work” with these things - both inside and outside of the liminal / Ceremony space.

Rife technologies / frequencies eliminate pathogens by way of Mortal Oscillation Rate (MOR) - which means every pathogen / organism has a resonant frequency at which it vibrates - and can be destroyed / killed. Think of a crystal glass that is subjected to an increasing resonant frequency until it shatters.

Current Rife / Resonant Frequency Therapy Offerings:

(Bio)Terrain Detox Protocol: An eleven (11) day detox regimen that is run remotely (24/7/11). All that is required is a DNA sample (e.g. freshly-cut fingernails, hair with attached roots, saliva, blood, etc.) to target the frequencies to the client's body based upon their unique DNA and Albert Einstein's (and others), observed phenomena of Quantum Entanglement. (Includes tele-support during the 11 days)

Biofeedback Scans: In-person biofeedback scans are run to detect the frequencies your body most needs ("diagnosis") - then appropriate frequency treatments / protocols are applied. Successive scans can detect additional, refined needs. Preliminary scans identify the "loudest" pathogens - which may very well not be the most troublesome or serious. The most difficult pathogens often "run and hide" or evade treatment frequencies - only to be picked-up in successive scans and treatments - or more sophisticated means e.g. amplitude or frequency "wobble." Each scan requires an in-person session of 60-90 minutes when TENS pads are placed across the abdomen or target area. Scanning and treatment ("Scan & Run" for further identification and treatment or "Hunt & Kill" for targeted treatment) can take place in the same session - it just takes longer. Remote treatment can be offered after a scan to shorten the in-person appointment - remote treatment is as effective, it just takes longer. (Results in comprehensive "diagnostic" assessment - the frequencies your body most needs at that time. Follow-up treatments / remote work and support additional)

Remote Targeted / Custom Therapies Based Upon Biofeedback Results: After biofeedback scan results are obtained, the precision frequency therapies / protocols can be applied using the remote (DNA) methodology as in the (Bio)Terrain Detox Protocol. (Includes tele-support during the process)

Eventual Therapeutic Rife Offerings: Eventually, I will offer extremely targeted therapies for complex, chronic, and serious afflictions. These localized issues / diseases are best treated with Rife's original technologies - built to his exacting specifications, i.e. Phanotron Tube Plasma. This equipment is expensive, somewhat bulky, and requires multiple, in-person sessions which would be better offered in a fixed office / clinic environment. Someday soon...


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