Kambo Consultation Form

Required before receiving Kambo from me

Please fill out the Consultation Form for a prompt follow-up email to schedule a telephone conversation. Thank you!

Important: This is a CONFIDENTIAL questionnaire to help in assessing if Kambo is safe for you. Some health conditions and medications are contraindicated. By submitting this form you are acknowledging that all information is true and that you have not withheld or obfuscated anything vital. Failure to disclose vital health and / or medical history information can potentially result in serious safety issues.

If you have technical issues with the form, I can also email you a document to fill-out and return.

Current availability for house calls only in NYC & Las Vegas.
$150 exchange within Manhattan & Las Vegas. Additional exchange for further environs (TBD). I am currently (December 2020, January-March 2021) seeking office space in Manhattan - and developing my office in Las Vegas (Henderson) and will soon post additional details with regard to available appointments (privates or groups) in either location, etc.


    What is your gender?

    What is your age?

    How many times have you taken Kambo or Sapo?

    List prescription medication(s) and / or any non-prescription, dietary supplements, diet aids, sleep aids, herbs, or recreational drugs that you currently take or have taken in the past 30 days. Please include any entheogens or sacramental substances / sacred medicines or sacred medicine ceremonies in which you've participated. (required)

    Do you have any current or previous health issues or concerns? Please explain. (required)

    Are you experiencing, or have you experienced any psychological health issues, e.g. schizophrenia, clinical severe depression, bipolar disorder, nervous break down, psychosis, PTSD, etc. (FYI: mild depression excluded) (required)

    Are you currently practicing, or have you practiced any form of extreme (restrictive) dieting, fasting, water fasting, cleansing (including colon hydrotherapy / colonics), 'Sweat Lodge / Inipi,' 'Vision Questing,' 'Sundance,' intensive physical activity (marathon running, hot yoga bootcamps, HiiT, etc.) in the last 2 weeks? Especially the 72 hours prior to your appt. Please give details and dates.

    What are your intentions in receiving Kambo? Try to be as specific as possible.


    • Kambo is not a Medicine
    • IAKP Practitioners are not Doctors nor any other Form of Medical Practitioners
    • IAKP Practitioners do not Diagnose Disease, Offer Health Advice, Treat Physical or Mental Health Ailments or Prescribe Medication
    • Participants are Advised to do their own Research as to the Potential Benefits of Taking Kambo - None are Offered or Implied Here
    • KAMBO is a Indigenous, Ancestral Practice from the Amazon Rainforest - It is not a Medical Treatment
    • Please Note that None of the Services Offered on this Website Constitute any Form of Medical Practice