My tired old refrain and warning:

Beware echo chambers, filter bubbles, astro turfing, Think Tanks, K-Street, Beltway, PACs / SuperPACs, lobbyists, Special Interests, (Government: foreign or domestic) influence and troll farms, ghost banning, algorithmic censorship, ubiquitous surveillance under the aegis of 'advertising' and 'personalization,' anyone that touts 'national security' when it comes to blatant surveillance overreach, the Palantir Technologies and Cambridge Analyticas of the world (aka: for-a-price NSA services), legalized propaganda, the loss of Net Neutrality, the rise of platforms and "walled gardens," the media 'vaporware economy' of bots and fraud, mercenaries / private contractors as troops, militarized forces as police, the persecution of whistleblowers, the consolidation of the media conglomerates, corporate personhood, institutionalized corruption (aka: lobbying, insider trading, and the government posts-to-corporation sweetheart deals revolving door), etc. This applies to both professional (commercial) considerations as well as personal. You can’t fight the egregious injustices of the world with half-measures - and with #BigTech (Oligarchic Technocracy), you gotta go all-in. You gotta go #FairTradeData with the end users / consumers / citizens to level the playing field, because this is essentially an issue of gross inequality and its socioeconomic impact.