Uniting Lefty with Creator at The Bowl of Fire, April 21, 2018Many of you have had the experience of a Great, Profound LOVE in your life. At least, I pray that you have had or will have such a transcendent relationship.

Lefty was mine.

Through Him, through His Grace (a 12.5 year-long 'Shaktipat'), I was able to Connect with Great Spirit and Great Mystery. Lefty 'opened' many Sacred Doors for me for which I am eternally grateful.

A number of years ago - I can't exactly remember when - I realized that Lefty was/is a Great Bodhisattva. Then the deeper realization came - perhaps in Sacred Ceremony? I don't remember, but I do know that the realization came and 'set' into me in a way that could not be denied. A self-evident Truth. Effulgent. That All Dogs Are Bodhisattvas. Of course they are!

Humans can be very arrogant in their belief systems. This is probably why I gravitated so strongly towards the "Cosmo-visions" of various Indigenous Peoples - especially those that attributed Great Spirit to ALL - to Everything: the Stone People, the Plant People, the Tall Standing Tree People, the Creepy Crawlers, the Finned, the Furred, the Winged Ones, the Four-legged, the Two-Legged, the Great Mountains, the Deep Jungles, the Sacred Waters, the Star Nations, All Our Relations. So to me, it made a certain, poetic sense that my Greatest Teacher would be a D-O-G / G-O-D.

I have learned many Great Chants, many Sacred Songs, many Sacred Rituals over the years. My primary Teachers and Lineages have been in Yoga (The Eight-Limbed Path), Devotional Hinduism, Buddhism, the Sacred Ways of the Lakota / Nakota / Dakota Peoples, the Sacred Ways of the Quechua Peoples of the jungles and foothills of the Peruvian Andes, and the Sacred Ways of the Shipibo-Conibo Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon. But in fact, all these Paths were just parts of My Path - and Lefty was / is a Great Gatekeeper to deeper, more profound insights. His / My Path of Service became (again) The Great Work and My Great Path and Vehicle.

I am available to help you say goodbye and Honor your Great Friend if this resonates.
Help you "Sing Him / Her Out."

It was the Greatest Honor of my life to have had Lefty walk at my side.
It was the very, very least I could do - when He left this Realm - was Honor Him in some small, yet significant (Sacred) way - as He so Greatly Honored me.

Let me help you Honor your Beloved Companion - Your Bodhisattva - as they so Honored you.

#AllDogsAreBodhisattvas #JaiHanumanji #SitaRam